the earworm ethos...


be the silliness you wish to see in the world

Earworm is a place of play so bring your favourite costumes, nicknacks and playthings. We get our kicks from your party tricks!   

introduce yourself

Check-in on one another. This is an intimate affair, but people can still get lost in the crowd. Say hi to that lonesome dancer, ask the person sitting next to you their name, make sure your friends are feeling dandy, and always talk to us if you reckon someone could do with a boost.

earworm is co-created

When the programme makes up 50% of attendees, you can forget the idea of the punter-gatherer. This is a party run by a group of friends, for a group of friends, so expect to muck in and feel pride in what you’ve helped make happen.

contribute however you can

Bring anything from a vat of your homemade chimichurri to your litter-picking prowess. 

leave nothing but footsteps.

When all is said and done, let us leave nothing but the worms beneath our feet.