concession/day ticket


If your current circumstances are a barrier to you coming to and/or enjoying earworm fully, we want to offer you a reduced price ticket. You’ll still have full access to all the festivities!

This is also the price of a day ticket, granting you access to the festivities for one night rather than two.

We have a limited number of concession tickets and hope that everyone for whom the above applies is able to get one. If concession tickets have sold out, please reach out to us on Instagram.

Please holistically consider your cost of living, family assets, etc when selecting your ticket tier.

Income isn’t everything, perhaps you earn more, but are a single parent/have vital healthcare costs to cover and need to go for the lower tier. Or perhaps you’re earning less but get regular support from family/are due inheritance meaning that you can afford to pay it forward.

Thanks for being considerate and a vital part of our ecosystem!

Read our Welfare Policy before purchasing a ticket. Ticket purchase assumes festival goers have fully read, understood and agreed to the policy in full.

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